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Ercopac: success and innovation at Hispack 2024

May 21, 2024 ERCOPAC Comments Off

The end-of-line packaging scenario is constantly evolving, driven by a constant demand for quality, flexibility and speed. In this dynamic context, a name is starting to stand out more and more for its dedication to innovation and for its commitment to these topics: Ercopac.

With a history rooted in a solid 20-year experience and a forward-looking vision, we are fast becoming a point of reference in a market with increasingly complex needs.

Our recent participation in the Hispack international trade fair has allowed us to delve deeper into the latest news regarding the changing needs of our customers and the challenges that the industry faces. In fact, Hispack was not only an opportunity to present new solutions and technologies, but also a time to consolidate relationships with existing customers and create new connections in the global market.

The success of this edition of Hispack was evident from day one, with a constant flow of visitors showing a keen interest in the innovative solutions offered. One of the key factors of this success was the ability to adapt to the specific needs of our customers, demonstrating extraordinary flexibility in customizing each solution according to the requests. This tailor-made approach attracted the attention of decision-makers in the beverage, food and tissue sectors, who were able to directly appreciate the quality and reliability of our products.

But the real success of Hispack for us is not only measured in terms of new contacts and sales closed: it is also about confirming the trust of existing customers, who have recognized the added value and expertise brought by the people working within the company.

The main message that arises from this experience is clear: Ercopac is more than a supplier of end-of-line packaging solutions, it is a reliable partner with a well-established reputation in the industry.

Another key element for the success of this event was the strategic collaboration with LCS Group, a company specialized in intralogistics.

This partnership has brought together complementary experiences and expertise, offering integrated solutions that have aroused great interest among visitors. The combination of forces has been a springboard for an even stronger presence on the market, opening new business opportunities for both Ercopac and LCS.

Hispack 2024 was just the beginning of a new chapter of success, and we are excited to continue this journey together with our customers and partners. Looking at the future, we will continue to focus on innovation and collaboration as drivers of our success, with cutting-edge solutions and uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction.