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Meet the Team: Elena Maselli – Marketing Manager

January 2, 2024 ERCOPAC Comments Off

Elena is the living example of our investment in young talents. Her passion for the job and her desire to take challenges are contagious, embodying the energy that characterizes Ercopac.

Q: Tell me about your role in the company. What are your main responsibilities?

A: I am the head of the Marketing Department and I take care of all the activities concerning the corporate image. Some of my tasks are for example social channels and website management, organization of trade fairs and events and creation of multimedia and promotional materials.

Q: What is your favorite work-related aspect in this company?

A: The aspect I prefer about my job is the chance to take challenges every day by experimenting with new things and learning from all the people around me. I also really like the fact that I do a job that is constantly changing and requires continuous improvement to keep up with market trends and demands. Another aspect that I really appreciate is the fact that I work in contact with people, whether they are colleagues, collaborators or customers, because it is very stimulating and leads me to take new points of view into consideration.

Q: What do you value most in your corporate culture and work environment?

A: I really appreciate the fact that young people are guided and trained by those who have more experience, while always having room to suggest new ideas and express their opinion. I think it is invaluable to have the opportunity to work with people who have so much to teach me, while at the same time being open to considering new perspectives and listening to my point of view. This creates a collaborative work environment that fuels creativity, innovation and mutual respect. Another characteristic of the company culture that is fundamental for me regards the human aspect, because in Ercopac employees are treated first of all as people with their own background. The creation of a relationship is always taken into high consideration and contributes to a relaxed and informal environment, and allows to create a strong team that works in mutual trust and esteem, always with a smile.

Q: Tell us a bit about your background and what led you to fill your current role.

A: I have a Bachelor’s Degree in International Economics and Marketing and I have recently earned a Master’s Degree in International Management at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. During my studies I have carried out several internships in marketing and sales departments, I have been a trainer of figure skating for the whole school period and I was a waitress for several months. This is my first full-time job.

Q: What do you think is the most exciting aspect of our industry or the work we do as a company?

A: I think that our sector is characterized by continuous evolution, and this encourages us to never stop at today’s practices and to always look forward to the next challenge, trying to anticipate changes where possible to stay one step ahead.

Q: What hobbies or interests do you have outside of work? How do they fit into your professional life?

A: In my free time I like to read a lot and I’m passionate about photography. I generally like all kinds of artistic expression, cinema, art, painting and music. I think this is very much in line with my job tasks, because these are hobbies that boost my creativity and my mental flexibility, that inspire me, and always have positive repercussions in my work activities. I also try to devote time to volunteering with my group from the Centro Missionario Diocesano of Reggio Emilia on weekends, and the summer service camps are always an important source of recharge and strength for me. This is a very important part of my life because it allows me to resize my vision and start with a new perspective on things, and it gives me so much on a human and relational level.

Q: Are there any personal or professional values that you consider particularly important in your career? How do they align with company values?

A: A very important value for me is honesty, and I always seek dialogue and confrontation to get feedback on the work done and to understand which aspects can be improved. This is very important for me to learn and to grow, and I am very happy to find this value in the people I work with at Ercopac, because all exchanges are always constructive. Empathy is also a characteristic that defines me and that I seek in the people close to me, because I think that every relationship is firstly human, and only then professional. Through empathy, relationships are created, and if there is a relationship, there is dialogue, and if there is dialogue, there is always the possibility to find solutions. Moreover, I think empathy fosters collaboration and a fertile working climate, and this is a certainty at Ercopac.

Q: Is there a specific achievement or success in your career that you are particularly proud of?

A: Although my career has just begun, I am already very proud of all the results achieved to date, and of every small project completed. Since everything is new to me, just the fact of testing myself and trying brings me great growth and encourages me to give more and more. Surely the thing that makes me prouder is the recognition and esteem of my managers, who guide me and give me every day the opportunity to learn from them.

Q: What advice do you have for those interested in pursuing a career in your industry or within our company?

A: For anyone who wants to pursue a career within Ercopac, I would recommend to start with a great desire to do new things, with a lot of determination and with many ideas, because this is an environment in which ideas are listened to, shared and put into practice. There is certainly plenty of space for professional and personal growth for young people like me, but also for anyone who wants to take a challenge and think outside the box. 

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share with our audience about your role, your experiences or the company in general?

A: I would like to conclude by saying that I feel lucky to be part of such a young, dynamic and innovative reality, and I am grateful to Ercopac for “adopting” me within the family. For me the most important aspect of a job is the people I work with, and here I found people who are there for me even on the toughest days to find solutions together and to help. This is priceless.