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Meet the Team: Valentina De Filippo – Project Manager

November 29, 2023 ERCOPAC Comments Off

At Ercopac, we believe in the power of collaboration, innovation and customer-oriented solutions. It is a pleasure to present the driving force of our projects, Valentina De Filippo.

Q: Tell me about your role in the company. What are your main responsibilities?

A: I hold the position of Project Manager, and my main responsibilities concern the management and planning of orders both internally, interfacing with various business functions, and externally with customers, in order to ensure a proper exchange of information to complete all projects in a timely and compliant manner.

Q: What is your favorite work-related aspect in this company?

A: I really appreciate Ercopac’s openness towards customers’ requirements for industrial applications. This proximity to the customer is further underlined by the fact that decisions are shared, which I consider very important and very positive.

Q: What do you value most in the corporate culture and work environment?

A: Two very important aspects for me are flexibility and work independence, and both are present in the corporate culture of Ercopac. I also find that the working environment is peaceful and relaxed, and I think that this is an essential factor in order to get the job done in the best way.

Q: Tell us a bit about your background and what led you to fill your current role.

A: I graduated in Management Engineering in 2013 and initially worked in quality assurance. Later, I started the career of Project Manager and I served this role in two companies before coming to Ercopac.

Q: What do you think is the most exciting aspect of our industry or the work we do as a company?

A: In my opinion, a particularly exciting aspect concerns the presence of various customized solutions depending on the industrial application requested by the customer.

Q: What hobbies or interests do you have outside of work? How do they fit into your professional life?

A: Gym and travelling are my two main hobbies outside of work. The gym is a charging source for me and, thanks to the possibility of practicing it in the lunch break, I can successfully integrate it into the working day. Travelling, on the other hand, gives me a chance to completely disconnect from the work routine, and it is an important leisure for me.

Q: Are there any personal or professional values that you consider particularly important in your career? How do they align with company values?

A: There are two values that are fundamental for me, both personally and professionally. The first is responsible freedom: in my opinion, an employee should have responsible freedom, that is to be aware that the company supports him in his personal and professional choices/decisions in mutual trust. It is also essential that there are at the same time the will and the interest to achieve the same objectives, namely the pursuit of the good of the company and of the employee’s wellbeing.

The second important value for me is education: this is my main value, which guides any situation of my life. I believe that education and respect for others are the basis for establishing dialogue and confrontation, and it is from this confrontation that the best ideas are born.

Q: What advice do you have for those interested in pursuing a career in your industry or within our company?

A: For me the watchword is PROACTIVISM. My role in particular is a role that requires various skills, above all work and personal organization. But this is not enough, because one must also be inclined to interface with people who are always new and different. For those interested in pursuing a career within our company, I would say that Ercopac is a company that has already brought innovations to the market and always focuses on the continuous search for new solutions. It is also a company with very clear goals, and the decisions made are analyzed very well: this makes it reliable and serious.