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In recent years, the progressive reduction in the consistency of primary and secondary packaging has led to a significant increase in the importance of the wrapping system for product integrity and load safety, both within production and distribution sites.

Our range of column and robotic wrapping machines are distinguished by their wrapping quality, high performance and compact layout.

The machines are designed to have ergonomics and ease of maintenance to ensure complete operator safety.


One of the main advantages of our range of stretch wrappers is the possibility to use 750 MM REEL, which ensures the following benefits:

  • Avoidance of UDC deformation caused by the overlapping of several turns of film in the same point
  • Optimised film distribution during the wrapping cycle ensuring safe product anchoring to the pallet
  • Integrity of the product at the bottom and centre
  • Increased operating autonomy thanks to the possibility to use reels up to 60 kg
  • Pre-stretching capacity up to 500%
  • Use of 11 – 45 µ film
  • Use of recycled film with high performances

Another advantage is the fact that the WRAPPING HEADS are interchangeable and allow to carry out the film recovery operations in case of breakage or reel replacement without production stops and in complete safety. This increases line efficiency and reduces build-up and footprint.

The new Ercopac automatic head changeover system is the fastest on the market and allows the replacement of the head in 25 seconds.

Another important advantage is the REDUCED DISTANCE between the wrapping head and the product during the cycle (patent pending), which guarantees:

  • Maximum precision in cutting and welding operations to avoid film tails
  • Speeding up of the diagonals for greater load stability
  • Automatic handling of film positioning in pallet corners
  • Scalability of production for high flexibility

The BELT TRANSMISSION for turntable and press for all our wrapping systems ensures low maintenance and low noise level.

The rotation of the press takes place through a mechanical axis integrated with the movement of the turntable, ensuring timing safety between the table and the press under any condition.

Another important concept regarding Ercopac stretch wrapper is MODULARITY.

Modularity of the wrappers range requires that part of the main groups are the same for each model, allowing a dynamic configuration of the various systems starting from a standard base.

All models ensure high wrapping quality, efficiency, reliability. Most spare parts are the same for all models, with great advantage for our customers.

Thanks to this modular design, we are able to respond quickly to the needs of our customers, while ensuring at the same time reduced maintenance costs. Upgrades to existing machines are also facilitated by group standardization.

Our range of Type-R and Type-C wrappers allows to install different machines depending on the production speed of the lines, being able to use the same WRAPPING RECIPES, ensuring the same technical characteristics of stability and product quality.

This is possible thanks to the addition of the fifth axis of the wrapping head (patent pending) in our column machines, replicating the movements of robotic Type-R systems.

Finally, our strect wrappers have been designed to be ergonomic and easy to maintain, to ensure complete SAFETY of operators.

This is why all the engines of the wrapper, press and top-cover are positioned at the bottom of the machines to allow easy accessibility for maintenance without the need for platforms or mezzanines.

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