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Stretch Wrappers Type-R

Stretch Wrappers Type-R

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In recent years, the progressive reduction in the consistency of primary and secondary packaging has led to a significant increase in the importance of the wrapping system for product integrity and load safety, both within production and distribution sites. Our range of wrapping systems (patent pending) meets these requirements and also ensures high efficiency and low maintenance.

Thanks to the stretch wrapper type-R, it is possible to wrap up to 130 p/h of 1200×800 with 10 turns of 750mm reel, and up to 190p/h of 800×600 with 6-7 turns of 750 mm reel.

Advantages and strenghts

750 mm reel
  • Avoids UDC deformation caused by the overlapping of several turns of film;
  • Optimised film distribution during the wrapping cycle;
  • Integrity of the product at the bottom and centre;
  • High load stability due to safe anchorage and increased operating autonomy.
  • Small distance between the head and the product during the cycle (patent pending) which guarantees high wrapping quality;
  • Faster cutting and welding;
  • Portability of the wrapping programme between column and robotic type;
  • Automatic system to position the corners.
Belt transmission advantages
  • Reduced maintenance;
  • Low noise level;
  • Reliability and wrapping quality guaranteed by the integration of a mechanical axis to the turntable;
  • Product stability regardless of speed.
Automatic head change (25 sec)

High efficency and low maintenance costs

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