Via P. Nenni 1-19 - 42019 Scandiano (RE)

July 10, 2024 Comments Off

If you are looking for advanced wrapping systems and industrial automation solutions, our TYPE-C column wrapping system is for you. In this article, we will explore the competitive advantages of this innovative wrapping

May 21, 2024 Comments Off

The end-of-line packaging scenario is constantly evolving, driven by a constant demand for quality, flexibility and speed. In this dynamic context, a name is starting to stand out more and more for its

April 23, 2024 Comments Off

📢 BIG NEWS! We are pleased to announce that Ercopac and LCS Group have joined commercial forces to further strengthen their positioning in the end-of-line packaging and intralogistics sector. 🎉 🤝 Our partnership

March 1, 2024 Comments Off

Last night we had a special moment at #PlanetAut, a unique place created by the association Aut Aut for young people with autism spectrum disorders. 🏠 Planet-Aut is much more than a café,

February 16, 2024 Comments Off

Dear readers,We are pleased to announce the latest news of the Ercopac family. We welcome four new members of our team, bringing the workforce to 30 employees. Our continuous growth and the constant

February 7, 2024 Comments Off

Know-how, performance, innovation and customer care. These are the core values on which the identity of Ercopac, a company specialized in industrial automation for packaging based in Scandiano, Reggio Emilia, is based. Ercopac

January 16, 2024 Comments Off

Dear Readers, As we step into a new year, we want to share some exciting updates and achievements. First of all, we have renovated our headquarters based in Scandiano, Reggio Emilia. The new

January 4, 2024 Comments Off

Discover the evolution in Packaging Management: visit us to witness Ercopac's proactivity in anticipating market changes and offering cutting-edge solutions. Don’t miss the opportunity to customize your packaging experience with our highly flexible

December 18, 2023 Comments Off

Elisa thinks Ercopac represents the perfect harmony between work life and family, an environment where professional and personal growth are intertwined every day. Q: Tell me about your role in the company. What

December 14, 2023 Comments Off

Marcello’s story paints a vivid picture of what it means to be part of the Ercopac family, and is an example of the versatility and development potential we offer to all members of

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