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Celebrating One Year of Success

December 13, 2023 ERCOPAC Comments Off

Dear Readers,

As we wrap up this year, it’s not just the holiday season that fills the air with excitement; it’s also the celebration of Ercopac’s first anniversary. The milestone marked not only a year of achievements, but also a night of joyous reflection and camaraderie.


Our celebrations were characterized by a spontaneous joy that led everyone to share their stories and work experiences, which allowed everyone to learn something new. The evening was a testament to the exponential growth we have experienced over the past year. We celebrated this milestone united by a shared path of hard work and dedication.

This was a moment to recognize and appreciate the fact that Ercopac is a place where people learn and grow, where one can find opportunities for both personal and professional development, always in line with the growth of the company.

Exceeding expectations

Reflecting on the past year, it is clear that Ercopac has exceeded expectations in many aspects. Our team has grown significantly, both in numbers and in spirit. We have undertaken and successfully completed a remarkable number of projects, won new customers and registered a substantial growth in our turnover and brand awareness.

As we approach the end of 2023, we can proudly say that Ercopac presents itself with a solid structure and a strong presence in Italy, France and Spain, thanks to our two branches and the trust that our customers place in us every day.

Looking forward

As we step into the new year, Ercopac has set ambitious resolutions to ensure continued growth and innovation. Our focus is on expanding in terms of market presence, exploring new opportunities, increasing our workforce, boosting turnover, and forging long-lasting partnerships and collaborations.

Endless innovation

Our Technical Department is hard at work, exploring new solutions to follow the changes in the packaging industry for the food, beverage, dairy and tissue sectors. We are studying innovative technologies and new applications to bring cutting-edge solutions for 2024 that will allow us to bring value to our customers.

Team work

It is at our board’s attention the possibility of entering into shareholding with some of our partners to make our growth plan solid and sustainable for the next five years. We will be present at sector trade fairs in Europe, to give immediate visibility to the solutions we can offer to meet market needs.

Warm wishes

Before concluding, we would like to thank all those who contributed to the success of Ercopac. Your time, expertise and commitment have been invaluable. Special thanks to our team, partners and customers for being the driving force behind our success.

As we approach the holiday season, we wish you all a Merry Christmas full of joy and warmth. May the New Year bring continuous success, prosperity, and exciting new opportunities.

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