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Ercopac: Exponential Growth and International Success in Just 18 Months!

June 21, 2024 ERCOPAC Comments Off

Ercopac is a company born at the end of 2022 that has succeeded in the last year and a half to increase from 6 to 33 employees, from 4 to 13 million euros in turnover and to open 2 branches (France and Spain), with a third developing in Mexico City by the end of 2024. This impressive result is the result of competence, professionalism and passion, and it can serve as an inspiration for other entrepreneurs in the same and different sectors.

This is why we wanted to investigate how Ercopac’s vision has been transformed into such a solid and growing reality with our President and Sales Director, Manuel Grassi.

Which were the key factors of Ercopac’s success?

I think the key factors of our success lie in the combination of consolidated experience in the end-of-line packaging industry with a young and highly competent team. Thanks to the inclusion of specialized personnel in a streamlined and functional corporate structure we were able to provide innovative and technologically advanced solutions that made us stand out and achieve exponential growth in a short period of time. Surely, our sales team’s great wealth of contacts and experience on the market has helped us to immediately gain credibility and trust from customers.

How did you structure the team for such rapid growth?

We have structured our team with a dynamic and flexible approach, investing in training activities for the development of our internal talents. Thanks to the guidance of trained and highly skilled department managers coming from other companies in the sector, we have managed to maintain a high level of efficiency and internal cohesion, which has allowed us to successfully address the challenges connected with rapid growth. We also immediately believed in the potential of our youngsters and gave them trsut and responsibility, and this approach has certainly led to the construction of a work environment based on respect and esteem, as well as an important collaboration between all departments.

Which were the most significant challenges and how were they overcome?

The most significant challenges we have faced so far have been related to the management of a rapidly increasing demand, the expansion of our operations on an international scale and the need to consolidate the number of references for our target markets. These challenges are even more significant if you consider the volatile conditions of the global packaging market and the high level of competition that characterizes it. To date, we have managed to overcome these challenges by investing in our production and logistics infrastructure, aiming at improving the quality of our internal processes and strengthening relationships with our customers and suppliers. We also relied on our strengths, such as responsiveness, quality, flexibility and high-tech content, to differentiate our brand.

How have you been able to attract, develop and retain talents to create a strong corporate culture and optimize production processes?

I think we have been able to attract talents by offering professional growth opportunities and a stimulating and dynamic work environment. Since the beginning, we have decided to share our vision with each candidate during the interview to fully share the Ercopac project and to make the whole staff part of the dream. This type of relationship between management and employees is not always easily established, but I think it is the basis for an honest relationship between the parties. Furthermore, investing in interpersonal relationships has led us to create an inclusive and collaborative work environment, where ideas are valued and rewarded. A system based on meritocracy always pushes people to give their best and to see their value recognized, if demonstrated day by day. This has allowed us to create a strong corporate culture and fertile ground both for young talents willing to put into play the knowledge acquired in their studies, and for senior professionals eager to jump into a new challenge with new responsibilities.

Which advice would you give to those who want to start or grow their business?

My main advice is to have a clear and ambitious vision, but also to be flexible and ready to adapt to market changes. It is essential to invest in the right people and to create a solid corporate culture at a human level. In addition, it is important to maintain a constant focus on product and service quality, always ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. Structurally, I think it’s important to immediately establish clear and well-communicated procedures and working methods to make growth scalable and the team aligned. The last advice I can give is to never stop at the first positive results or first goals achieved, but to always look forward to new goals. You have to be so positive that negative people don’t want to be around you!