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Meet the Team: Chiara Reverberi – VP & Sales Director

December 27, 2023 ERCOPAC Comments Off

This interview testifies Chiara’s great experience in the sector, her energy, determination and projection towards the future. Through victories and challenges, she has contributed to the consolidation of Ercopac with professionalism and reliability, which characterize our constant commitment.

Q: How did the idea of Ercopac come about?

A: Ercopac was born from the intuition of a person of great experience who has been able to combine history and innovation to involve 5 people with great know-how and create the company we are today.

Q: What were the expectations and hopes when you started Ercopac? Which were your goals?

A: Personal expectations regarded mainly having more direct contact with customers and presenting Ercopac as a partner close to their needs. The aim was to create a company that would be actively following the changing needs of the market and the customers by ensuring flexibility and innovation. Today, the company is composed of young people with a consolidated background and especially with an open mind projected to the future, and this is a fundamental factor for continuous development. The main goal was to satisfy our customers and, to date, we have succeeded.

Q: What was the most significant challenge you faced as a founding partner?

A: The most significant challenge for me is the leap from employee to entrepreneur status. It is not simple, because it is a role that requires a 360° vision and open mind, because success is for everyone. Both my roles of responsibility requires continuous commitment and willingness to learn every day.

Q: Tell us a bit about your background and what led you to fill your current role.

A: I started in 1995 as a sales assistant and service support in a company that manufactured palletizing and depalletizing plants mainly in the Food/Pet Food and cannery sector. After 7 years of intense commercial specialization, I spent two years in an Automotive company as an Area Manager, but in 2004 I came back into the packaging world. During these years I’ve learned a lot because I’ve had the opportunity to deepen my technical knowledge, but I was also able to learn about the dynamics of management and business organization that led me to the awareness of my goals and my vision.

Q: What do you think is the most exciting aspect of our industry or the work we do as a company?

A: I think the most exciting thing is that every day one has the opportunity to learn something, whether it’s from employees, partners, the market or customers. For me the important thing is to be always open and to question oneself, and every day I strive to do so and I try to give the best for Ercopac.

Q: What hobbies or interests do you have outside of work? How do they fit into your professional life?

A: I like to spend my free time with my children accompanying them in their activities. The weekend is dedicated to them and to their sport games, even if they are growing up and they almost don’t need their mom anymore.

Q: Are there any personal or professional values that you consider particularly important in your career? How do you think you have integrated them into the company’s values?

A: The fundamental value for me is reliability towards customers, employees and suppliers. In fact, to date those who have collaborated with me both personally and professionally have always found my complete availability. The way I am leads me to be always available both with those who work with me and with my clients, in fact in 25 years of career they have always found me for any need at any hour.

Q: Is there a specific achievement or success in your career that you are particularly proud of?

A: One word: ERCOPAC. Thanks to my partners, to our employees, to our suppliers and to our collaborators, because we are consolidating a reality that looks directly towards the future with self-awareness and a touch of craziness!

Q: What advice do you have for those interested in pursuing a career in your industry or within our company?

A: My only advice is to give no limit to your dreams! Commitment, reliability and the desire to learn can take you far. Ercopac opens the doors to all those who want new challenges because this is surely the right place to demonstrate their capabilities.