Via P. Nenni 1-19 - 42019 Scandiano (RE)

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At the heart of this interview, Regis stressed the importance of teamwork. For him, Ercopac is more than a workplace; it is a team in which communication and collaboration are the pillars of

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At Ercopac, we believe in the power of collaboration, innovation and customer-oriented solutions. It is a pleasure to present the driving force of our projects, Valentina De Filippo. Q: Tell me about your

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Rising interest for robotic automation The increasingly widespread integration of robots into the production processes of the food, beverage and tissue sectors is a growing trend, although some companies still show resistance to

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Ercopac is a new and dynamic company that combines the twenty-year experience of Erco Service in end-of-line automation with a young board with consolidated skills in the packaging industry. The company’s goal is